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I called Simon regarding my top loading washer that was no longer draining or spinning. I received a call back withing 5 minutes and he said he'd be out within the hour. He was at my house within 20 minutes. The washer required the lid switch. He was finished in about 15 minutes. He was pleasant and efficient and I didn't even need to be out of my office for more than an hour. I would definitely use his services in the future. 

-Denise, Philadelphia

I called Quick Fix Appliance Services  on Wednesday and they were able to come out the same day to look at my washer. With my busy schedule the only available time I had was after 5 pm.Lady in the customer service gave me the time frame  5 to 7, and informed me that  a technician will call  30 minutes before arriving. Technician Simon was very professional, friendly and just as they promised he was there within 30 minutes after the call.  Simon was very kind and responsive to my concerns, He addressed all the questions I had.  I was very happy to know that he already had needed part in his truck and he was able to finish a repair at the same time. 

 They charged me only $140 when other companies estimated prices varied from $200 to $240 

I am very pleased with Quick Fix  and looking forward to doing business with them again. In fact, I scheduled them to look at the dishwasher on one of my rental properties and I will make sure to keep their number on my speed dial! 

- Gale, Philadelphia

Simon Just left my house - he is AWESOME. It was a pleasure dealing with him. I found him to be friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. The woman whom I spoke to on the phone was also very nice (sorry I didn't get her name). These folks truly are 24/7 service!

I came home from work around 6 pm... I went to get some ice from the fridge and found that things were starting to thaw out and the ice tray was melting with water in it - at first I thought my wife accidently left the freezer door ajar but quickly realized I had a problem. After doing a number of standard things - vacuuming underneath the fridge, turning it off/on, checking the settings etc - I really thought the compressor was shot. I could tell the fan was running but the compressor was not kicking on. I logged onto Angie's List and looked for refridgerator repair in NE Philly. Quick Fix came up and I called them at around 7:15 p.m. They answered the phone (surprise!) and the lady was very nice, asking questions and collecting info. She put me on the line with Simon, who asked for my address and said "I'll be there in 30 minutes or so". He was here around 7:50, introduced himself, came in and diagnosed the problem within about 1-2 minutes and then fixed it immediately. He even asked me to touch the compressor, which I thought would be cold. It was almost burning to the touch! He explained what was going on with the system and showed me the work and part he replaced. Simon was out of here by 8:20 - unbelievable! 

-Tony, Philadelphia

Wow! I'm so happy Angie's List is around to be able to find and spotlight honest, friendly, hardworking, intelligent people like Simon. In an age where the tendency is to replace, Simon was able to repair my ~10 old washer for a very reasonable price. He even mentioned that with proper use, it could last another 10 years (obviously I won't hold him to that, but good info!). He knew I learned about him on Angie's List and honored the coupon from there too. 
It really was refreshing to watch someone work who seemed to have a lot of experience with appliances and also who was careful and respectful in our house. I would definitely call him again if needed for other issues!

-Carlene, Philadelphia

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